2017 Fall Miracle Tour TeleSeminars

For our dear friends abroad and at home who wish to join in every TeleSeminar of the 2017 Fall Miracle Tour, we have created our Miracle TeleSeminar Pass, which includes discounted early registration for all TeleSeminars. To view our Miracle TeleSeminar Pass, click below:

Your Call-In Codes 

We are happy to announce that we now have a simpler and easier process for sending you call-in information for your TeleSeminars. As soon as you register for a TeleSeminar, you will receive the call-in code for your TeleSeminar in your receipt. You may also view the call-in code by logging into "My Account" and viewing your TeleSeminar order. We look forward to sharing the 2017 Fall Miracle Tour TeleSeminars with you!