Remote Healing Testimonials

I requested the Silent Faith Remote healing that night, and the next morning it was gone!

Dear CMA Support, I wanted to share my deep gratitude for the healing I experienced on the Silent Faith Remote session recently. I was instantly healed of a painful Shingles outbreak!  I had just been diagnosed and was experiencing severe nerve pain in my right torso where my skin could not even be touched lightly without pain. I requested the Silent Faith Remote healing that night, and the next morning it was gone! I am yet again filed with gratitude for all the support from Master John and the Master Angels!!

K. S. – Washington, DC

I have seen some of my best improvements through remote healings.

I just have to say, the remote healings are AMAZING. They quickly have become my favorite way to connect. I am someone who always likes to know when things are happening or what is happening, so at first this concept seemed challenging to me. The results are undeniable, though.  I have seen some of my best improvements through remote healings. Anytime I have been hesitant about doing a remote healing for any reason, I immediately think how silly it was after. It’s truly unbelievable that kind of healing is available to us! Thank you Master John and the Master Angels! With love and gratitude.

M. V. - Illinois

Both health issues were serious enough to get medical help if not for the Faith Healing.

Thank you to Master John and Master Angels!!! Thank you for the miraculous healing, it was instantaneous… I mean, symptoms subsided moments after I wrote the request… it was received and granted right after I hit the “send” button. I don’t know how it works, but it definitely does! This is the second time for spontaneous healing through Silent Remote Healings. Both health issues were serious enough to get medical help if not for the Faith Healing. For me, the surrender it takes to desire and formulate a request is powerful, my Faith becomes greater, which is the supreme healing. Words can’t express my gratitude and love and hugs.

J. C. - California

Thank you so much for this Divine blessing!

Dear Master John Douglas, dear spiritual friends, on 29th of April I ordered a Silent Remote Healing for my husband. I observed a portion more wakefulness in him and less exhaustion. He himself feels more centered. And for myself I feel a great relief: more confidence, less pressure of responsibility for his situation. I got the impression, that not only the receiver [of the Silent Faith Remote] has the blessing from the higher realms, but also the person who takes an initiating role in ordering a Silent Remote Healing. Thank you so much for this Divine blessing!

G. E. – Germany

This is a Thank You to Master John Douglas and His Angel Helpers from my 89 year old mother.

She has been quickly going blind for 1.5 yrs. In Nov. 2016, the ophthamologist saw a white spot in one of her eyes and told her it was going to get bigger, blocking her sight until she would only have peripheral vision. He reviewed it each month since then. She requested a Silent Remote Healing around May 18th for a healing of her eyes. Today, June 7th, she called me to say the doctor couldn’t find the white spot anymore! He looked for it but it wasn’t there anymore and her other eye looked better.  Thank you!

C. H. - Maryland

In 24 hours I became completely symptom-free.

In 24 hours I went from being extremely concerned about possibly having a very serious illness to being completely symptom-free. I will just use this word to describe what happened because it’s the only thing I can think of to explain what Master John’s remote healing was: a miracle.

A. P. – California

After the healing session had finished, I felt incredibly peaceful and as though I was floating in heaven.

Dear Master John,

I am writing to express my gratitude, that is filled with love and appreciation, for the miraculous healing that I received several weeks ago.

I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain with vomiting for over a week. The pain was located around my gallbladder and liver area and in the middle of my abdomen (around the area of the solar plexus chakra). I signed up for a remote healing. Then, several days later, I experienced my healing session. I felt very intense energies throughout my whole body and stomach area during the healing. The energies were so intense that my whole body was shaking and spasming and I could barely talk. It was the most intense energy healing that I have ever experienced. After the healing session had finished, I felt incredibly peaceful and as though I was floating in heaven. I had fever after the session and the pain in my gallbladder area had eased but the pain in the middle of my abdomen was strong.

I continued to have fever, vomiting and pain in my abdomen the following day – but no intense pain in my gallbladder area. I could feel that something had shifted in that area. At the end of that day, I felt some intense energy again for 5 minutes and felt the energies of the Master Healing Angels and I heard ‘You are healing well’.

Then the following day. I was blessed with another healing session with the Angels. The experience was similar to the first healing session with lots of intense energy, shaking, spasms etc… Within a few minutes of experiencing the healing, the intense pain in my abdomen lifted and at the end of the session I heard ‘You will heal soon’. After the healing, I felt deeply peaceful again and I immediately had high fever. The pain and intense tightness in my abdomen was gone. After this healing, I no longer had vomiting or pain in my abdomen and I healed very quickly.

I experienced a lot of detoxing after the healing and so I was quite tired between the healing sessions.
I wanted to thank you and the Master Healing Angels for offering me this miraculous healing. I am so grateful that I was able to avoid medical intervention. I am very sensitive to medication and my body is very sensitive in general and so I am so relieved that my body was able to heal in this way rather than experience the stress of medical intervention. The Master Healing Angels were so loving and kind and I am so grateful to them for helping me and I am grateful to you, Master John, for facilitating this healing and allowing me to experience this miracle.

During the days that I received the healing, I also received some greater awareness and insights about behavioral and emotional patterns that were creating suffering for me. This has really helped me to notice my responses and be able to start to change them. So, I was really lucky to receive this gift from the Angels as well.

Sending you so much love, Master John, and lots of love to the Angels as well. Thank you so very much!

P. M. - Victoria, Australia